Sunday, November 25, 2012

You can keep your inconsistencies

I haven't played either Revelations or assassins creed 3 yet so I would have no idea if Rebecca or Desmond die in those. Keep your mouth shut about their deaths or the ends of their storylines though because I'm very much planning on playing both those games, I just haven't bought them yet. I really liked the idea behind todays comic because the way that Assassins Creed basically works is just throw cool things at people and make them learn something while doing so, namely that every major historical assassination has been done by the same goddamn person. Seriously was Desmond Judas in one of his earlier lives? Did he kill Jesus because he was secretly a mormon? Oh god now I actually feel like that's the plottwist at the end of Ass Ass Creed 3...heh ass.

-adios,D. P.S.: I have no idea how to edit the text on the top with the new changes...


  1. I think Jesus was a templar >.>

  2. Wait a second... Why are they in the labs of Abstergo?
    Huh... maybe this is already the future and they managed to conquer Abstergo.
    And Dr. Brown explains the Future-Desmond how the memory thing works and the Present-Desmond is watching this while he is sitting in the Animus 2.
    ...or P. is just an idiot ;)

    Greetings Maxelhead

  3. I would love to see some gameplay where the Real Jesus gets a stand-in for his crucifixion. You are hired to kill this man claiming to be the Messiah and telling people things.
    You follow him to his cave hideout/complex where you kill his guards via slingshot, and asphyxiate the lord/deviant with his own shroud.