Sunday, December 2, 2012

Why are there so many Zombies these days?

 I am a little late with todays comic but I watched the third Batman movie(again) the past two to three hours so I'd advise you not to take a fight with me right now! I must say, the second time watching this movie it loses a lot of the problems I had with it, the characters I didn't like the first time watching this weren't actually so bad when you got enough time to think about them and follow them with a little more knowledge and the characters who were good the first time around were just as awesome this time. One thing I have to ask everyone who watched this movie is this though, why the fuck does the nuclear REACTOR(it's not intended to be a bomb) have a friggin timer on it that says when it's gonna blow up? Yeah Bruce Wayne knew that the thing COULD explode but he didn't intend that for the thing. -adios,D.


  1. Alright... If American artists are allowed to say "Fuck Yeah" in songs, are we Germans allowed to put gunfire in our songs? It would improve this shitty radio music, just imagine it...

    Shine bright like a diamond
    Shine bright like a diamond
    We're beautiful like diamonds in the sky

    Greetings Maxelhead

    P.S.: Awesome Comic, nothing else to say about it :)