Sunday, December 16, 2012

I did not write this weeks comic

I think it'S kind of evident inthe approach this comic takes that i didn't write it, but a fun fact is that I haven't even played Journey either. I've heard a lot about the liberties that both Dear Esther and Journey take in storytelling and I am very much interested in them but recently I haven't played through a game that much and I don't know why either it just isn't my thing these days. I will pick up Journey though because as far as Indie games go this year might've been a crowning achievement for storytelling in them, Mcpixel proved that you don't need to make sense to make sense, Thomas was alone proved that you don't need to see a character to feel for them and Journey apperently taught us that not every human being is a dick. That last part seems very farfetched though.


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