Sunday, December 23, 2012

'tis the goddamn season!

Fuck yeah it's Christmas and I'm happy as fuuuuck about it. In Germany we don't really have Thanksgiving so there's only one occasion where every goddamn familymember comes to your house to piss on your parade for having done stuff wrong after having been pissed on by your own family for not doing that exact stuff or, even worse, having done it wrong! I love the incredible mood and warm tingly feeling inside of me that I get when I want to choke someone with the goddamn holiday lights because they think the tree should be tilted just a little bit to the left. To be fair though I do kind of enjoy Christmas as an idea and I like the mood that you get in when you buy gifts in a thoughtfull manner and the faces of people that wished for "nothing" this year but get something completely unexpected that has an emotional connection to them. I'm the type of gifter who listens to you your entire life just to pull out that one dollhouse that you always wanted but never quite got when you were ten years old and everyone on earth should try to be that guy too.
Everyone on earth should try to be me because, let's face it, I'm amazing and much better at everything than you will ever be.

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P.S.: Don't let them get you down, deep inside they like you and you know that you have to like them too you're basically contractually obligated to like them by your birth certificate that states that you came out of that man's and that woman's sexual organs.


  1. Oh Shit D, I guess all of our readers are unbaptized heretics.

  2. Oh, wait, I guess we are the unbaptized heretics. nvm