Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry christmas coals for you!

well it's actually just rocks but whatever.
I may have mentioned this before but I FUCKING LOVE CHRISTMAS! I got a headset and some movies and ff15 and some boardgames and I made everyone happy by giving them presents that I carefully picked out for them!
Like, I lifted them up carefully, packaged them carefully but I chose and bought them with reckless abandon because who wants to think about what to get someone amirite?!
No seriously though, I love thinking up a good present, it's never not a fun thing to do.


Sunday, December 18, 2016

The best laid plans

of mice and men
So I just checked our youtube and I found out why people don't just STRAIGHT UP call their videos porn, which philip, the idiot party in our comic and youtube endeavours, has done with our recwent grow home episode. It attracts spam.
On the positive side of things, it's one of our most commented on videos....


P.S.: It's youtube 101 you moron!

Sunday, December 11, 2016

You can't lick your own elbow

Last guardian team ico and shadow of the colossus rant.
So I spent the last few hours listening to the 69th episode of the roundtable podcast because that podcast is great and the people that make it are even greater. They talked about the last guardian and it was remarkable how close their assesment of that game was similar to my opinion of shadow of the colossus, I think it's been documented before that I thought that shadow of the colossus was an overhyped clunky mess of a game that fell victim to it's controlls. So apperently the last guardian lags and the bird dog...chimera beast that is your pall during it doesn't respond well to your inputs and often doesn't do what you wanted it to do, in my experience with shadow of the colossus there was one particular moment that soured me on the game and that was a giant boss with a sword that started out on a stone plate. So I juke the guy around and my first idea is instantly:"well he probably has to hit the stoneplate on the ground and then he gets stunned and I can climb him, right?" It didn't work.
I tried it several times and ultimately fiddled around for some odd hours just madly making a dash for it, trying to climb him, trying to use the environment and all sorts of things until ULTIMATELY I succumbed to the aloure of youtube walkthroughs just straight up telling me what to do. You know what I had to do? make him hit the stone plate.
The games physics didn't recognise his hits right so I was stuck thinking I was doing the wrong thing. Thusly I hated the game.
It's funny to me that this same exact phenomenon now rears it's ugly head in a team Ico game again, I am saddened of course because the last guardian was another one of those holy grail games for a lot of people but that's how it goes with most of these long development time games, they tend to dissapoint.


P.S.: Another one of those weeks where I IMPLORE YOU to watch our let's plays. Today's episode has another one of my favourite stories in it, it's well worth the watch.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Greg's Halloween costume is amazing

I'm slightly sick right now and when I say slightly I mean my head is feeling like an anvil that is repeteadly being hit by a hammer and not by a wimp like Philip, by like a real man, like me.