Sunday, June 26, 2016

Legally a priest and a doctor in 10 countries

Now with 100% more office chair.
I don't know if I'm giving away too much information here by saying that my old email address was on yahoo and that I'm still using that one for this comic, but the point of me saying this is that I can talk a little about yahoo which I'm pretty certain has become a virus infested cesspool of evil. I wonder which of us is gonna get infected first, Philip, who, by all accounts, should very much not be the first but is getting mailed emails from my account so has the disadvantage of outcomming data from yahoo or me who is constantly accessing said cesspool, only time will tell.


Sunday, June 19, 2016

The party of awesome: rebirtheningI

I accidentally a whole cult.
I used to think about going into politics. I love arguing and it's probably one of my best abilities, I can switch between actual logical reasoning and hitting where it hurts at the exact time where it is needed  but then I saw where politics are headed and how much most politicians betray their own ethics that I didn't look into it any more. Same thing with journalism really.

So I've been rewatching scrubs this entire weekend and it is still one of the best damn shows every made. It hits all of the notes so well. Tonight though I won't be able to watch it well into the morning because I'm a wrestling fan and tonight is money in the baaaaaank! So hype.
I hope Aj Styles beats Cena's ass and that Dean Ambrose wins money in the bank and is succesful with his cashin and that Seth Rollins beats Roman Reigns and that we all get candy in the end but sadly wrestling usually goes the other way, WWE is that one 90 year old neighbour who is still stuck in the time right after world war 2 where people had nothing and so they gave out good advice for Halloween and a job offer without pay for christmas. The experience of working is all the pay you need.


Sunday, June 12, 2016

The holiday rule

It's national go fuck yourself day on the island of my dick.
I sometimes wonder how my own brain works, how the fuck did I come up with the holiday rule? And on the same note how did I come up with the brilliant idea of naming an island my dick? I am amazing.
It's always weird to write these texts because I always teeter between that awesome lyrical subject that knows everything and is the best at all the things at the same time and the real me who is just second to said lyrical subject, for you guys it is the difference between pleasures beyond your wildest imaginations and this.
you should now change your pants.


Sunday, June 5, 2016

Paperwork and people that like green skittles

Off to hell we go!
So we had a small panel at hannover comiccon, if you could call it a panel and it was a blast! It wasn't as much about connecting with new fans as it was about getting to know some other comic artists but in that regard it was just great, the second day being much better for that than the first. People seemed to genuinely seem interested in our stuff, dreams and aspirations. Next time we will advertise our appearance more, so look forward to this, we WILL do this again.