Friday, July 30, 2010

Searching Philip

Today´s comic has a lot less copypasta and a lot more crappy drawings.
I didn´t redraw the lines with anything so it´s a lot harder to see some of the lines but i think it looks okay.First panel is still us on our couch second is Greg in a retiremenet home third is Louis in our very own private ballpool(that was Louis idea)and thirs is me infront of a stripclub(notice the girl in the upperright corner?I got a tip for you NEVER ask me to draw nudes).So yeah enjoy todays comic and have fun with my crappy drawings for the nnext two weeks too.

till then,Adios

Friday, July 23, 2010


Philip is in Japan.
Copypasta comic sucks.
´nuff said.

P.S. drawing greg on paint is hard.Very!
Next week it´ll be handdrawn so prepare for much more cheapness.

Friday, July 16, 2010

This joke was brought to you buy nerdiness

It´s friday which means new comic day!This week we have less politics and more nerdiness for you again,and from next week on we´ll have comics made by me!So get ready for some really awful drawn comics while Philip is in japan,if you meet him there say hello from me.So yeah this weeks comic is about louis and not me,i kept my promise,and if you don´t get the joke then...well you´re not nerdy enough,go play metal gear solid.

I´ll leave it at that,till next week adios,Deniz

Friday, July 9, 2010

Still better than other presidents

New comic is out early,because i actually have something planned for the day but i´m not sure if i can do it...neeevermind that,NEW COMIC.Yeah so todays comic was about me again and i kinda noticed that that happens a lot recently,i´m gonna try writing about others too...soon.So yeah enjoy the comic,comment and have fun.Oh and tell your friend about us.

Till then,adios.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Change : a serious issue

New comic!And a few changes that will be re-changed or changed to something else again,yeah well that´s what happens when Philip has an opinion and i don´t.This weeks comic is part of a two-comic-arc thingie and i think i will make the second comc(the one from next week) have a joke that may come again later in the series.So yeah check out the comic write comments and be anxious about next weeks comic

Till then adios,Deniz.