Friday, July 23, 2010


Philip is in Japan.
Copypasta comic sucks.
´nuff said.

P.S. drawing greg on paint is hard.Very!
Next week it´ll be handdrawn so prepare for much more cheapness.


  1. cheapo the cheapJuly 23, 2010 at 6:01 PM

    lol a joke inside a joke btw did greg get a new haircut or something?

  2. More likely a skullcut. But nethertheless, though you drew it, it does look quite good. Despite Greg but that's okay since it's the first time for you and I bet I couldn't do it better.
    But I liked the previous joke much more. What about your idea with the Journey for Friends? Gave that up already?

  3. This one is a prelude,i´ll still do the search for friends comics BUT i´ve tweaked the storyline a bit here and there making it,if i may say so,even funnier than the one i wanted to do.For all who don´t know i wanted to do an oddysea with me going to certain places like the colliseum or athen.

  4. that P said from Japan:
    Oh my god, coulnd`t you just use the "Introducing the Dead" Greg, or the one from "Moving In" ?.
    ~ Sincerly P

  5. that P said from Japan:
    Is it me or is Greg there just a flying Head?

  6. It has to be you, he's behind the sofa. So therefore, you can only see his head.
    Though, that's not even true, a little bit of his shoulders can be seen, too.