Friday, May 25, 2012


Today's comic is entirely setup for next weeks comic which I won't promise too much but the idea behind it was to compliment Philip's amazing drawing abilities. Said abilities I keep causing to run short by sending the comics much much too late....I'd love to change the topic here to something that people find interesting but since everyone in the gaming scene is talking about a game I do not actually intend to play(Diablo 3) and since the only game right up my alley would be Tekken X Street Fighter which for some reason is gonna get released YEARS after the much inferior game got released(Street Fighter X Tekken) I am not really sure what to talk about. The only game I recently bought was Warcraft 3 and I'm pretty sure the sales on that one peaked at least 5 years ago. So no real news here,sorry.


Friday, May 18, 2012

Particularly dark

What happens when you look through a see through walls but the thing behind it is endless nothingness? Well apperently you run against invisible walls and cut out the part of the comic that makes Philip look like an idiot. Adressing the latter once again seems like a useless thing because both the joke and the cameo still work without Philip screaming wholeheartedly but I feel a distinct lack of "Philip is the victim of our humour recently" I must attend to this problem ASAP.
Now towards the cameo, the person depicted in todays comic is our dear friend Maxi *whisper-whisper-I-dont-wanna-give-away-his-last-name* who Philip has drawn quite some times for his Let's Play channel. Philip may insert a link here if he does wish to do so.


Friday, May 11, 2012


So due to Philips headache he drew something that he came up with himself kinda...and what do you know I like it slightly better than my own idea...It's moments like these that make you feel very useless but then again he had more time for this stuff since his final exams are already finished. He admittedly has the same number of exams to write but...then...ok maybe that reasoning is slightly flawed. But seriously it's always nice to know that he's such a reliable fellow even when my comic comes rather late.Hope we both did well at our exams, my last one is tomorrow:WISH ME LUCK.


Friday, May 4, 2012

Not giving names away here

If you don't know who or what we are hommaging here then I am terribly sorry for you because I won't tell you the exact names. This is probably the hommagiest we've gotten yet except for the Blot things but I consider him more as a friend than as a great influence on our work, now these people portrayed here on the other hand? They are pretty much the singlemost reason for Philip and me to start this webcomic. These two are the two main characters of one of the most famous, if not the most famous, webcomic of all time and what they're holding in their hands is one of my favourite runninggags in their webcomic. I applaud the genius that is said webcomic and hops that we might ever achieve such grandeur with our webcomic. Not in our succes but in the smiles that we bring on the faces of people reading this, thank you all