Friday, May 18, 2012

Particularly dark

What happens when you look through a see through walls but the thing behind it is endless nothingness? Well apperently you run against invisible walls and cut out the part of the comic that makes Philip look like an idiot. Adressing the latter once again seems like a useless thing because both the joke and the cameo still work without Philip screaming wholeheartedly but I feel a distinct lack of "Philip is the victim of our humour recently" I must attend to this problem ASAP.
Now towards the cameo, the person depicted in todays comic is our dear friend Maxi *whisper-whisper-I-dont-wanna-give-away-his-last-name* who Philip has drawn quite some times for his Let's Play channel. Philip may insert a link here if he does wish to do so.



  1. Thanks guys,
    it's such a great honour not only be shown but also speaking the punchline in your comic. :)
    I think i will snatch up myself and start recording some LPs again for you.

    P.S.: I won't bend over for soap even though I would get a cool shirt. No chance D. ^^

  2. The T-shirts were designed by Philip, all blame goes to him.

  3. Phil has a more "random" humour, Denise comes up with the structured stuffs :P