Sunday, November 18, 2012

Women's wrongs

Now we heard a whole lot about how great women are in the past few years and it's all fun until the fat lady starts getting a reality tv show showing her and her chubby ass little kid but if we are all quite honest we have to adress one thing: Women are crazy and their bodies even more so. Thus I present to you todays comic filled with my own hatred towards that lingering thought in any woman's and parent's mind: I am cold and thus everyone else must be cold so they need to heat up! This thought occured to me recently as I was outside for a few hours with my father and I must admit that the weather was pretty cold but I had a shitton of clothes on so the word cold was just a memory hidden deep inside of my mind under pullover over pullover that held my body warm in this sweet cocoon of warmy goodness, and what does every woman around me instantly say? You must be cold!You should put on a scarf. If I was cold I would put on a scarf but there is no reason IN THE ENTIRETY OF HISTORY that makes you girls feeling cold give ME incentive to wear a scarf. The temperature of your body is not regulated through mine women of the world!



  1. Haha, tell me about it. If you still know my kneck to simply wear a T-Shirt and long pants in every weather possible, you can imagine how everyone around me (well, men too, admiditly) look at me and think I'm insane.

    Well, on that note I gotta admit that it might not be that normal do wear that less while it's minus 5 degrees outside - during riding a bike. But oh well.

  2. If they are already in hell, what lies behind the window?
    I hope it's not a playground for Satan's children... because of the rapists.

    Greetings Maxelhead

  3. Nope, just your typicall Nietsche Shit. You know, the Black Abyss that States at you until you do a freudian slip. A freudian Slip, of course, is when you want to have Sex with your mother. But I could be Wong there. I only took philosophy for a Year.

  4. *stares.
    I swear to god- One Day i'll kill this goddamn autocorrect on this goddamn phone.

    Oh and Azure... That motherfucker's Crazy. Wore Shirts'n'Shit when it was snowy and wasn't Afraid of no bitchn Ass cold.

    ... Sorry 'bout that. I' One eigth Black, ya know?

  5. Aw, for a whole eigth? Damn, why didn't I discriminate you more in school then? I could've sworn you were one of us... Welp.

    Also I kinda like to imagine that the second part of your text is you writing without autocorrect.

    Would be one hell of a autocorrect to make something usefull out of that.