Sunday, March 22, 2015

60000 and we didn't turn into goats

The Ritual is done Hans is gone and the world didn't turn into a giant cathead, I can't prove the last thing.
I'm thinking, working all the time, anything for the comic and it is nice to see that that gets me somewhere, 60000 views on this page is a ridiculously huge number and we couldnt've done it without you! No, seriously, we couldn't, your view is calculated into that number.
In celebration of that success we're taking a week off! Well not really, Philip is getting his last wisdom tooth removed and we asked Louis and our dear friend Alex to fill in the two comics he can't possibly draw because of how high he will get on painmeds, even though I am now 100% certain that his brain can't possibly get more fucked up and that I would see no difference either way.


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