Friday, August 12, 2011

That about wraps it up

Yup this was it seriously i´ll stop with the whole fucked up reality thing and the missing continuity stuff. I mean yeah I kinda like fucking up continuity buuuut it gets kinda boring after a while.


P.S.:Philip said this indicates a kind of alternate universe stuff and shit...Marvel comics we´re comming!


  1. Muahaha, I will do another thing! I will indiacte that it all was a dream. But when does it start? And when is it a Flashback? And was this all happening on this Earth?

    Oh wait, I can`t do that, I´m not the writer... nevermind

  2. But I wanna feed Deniz :o


  3. You still can feed the alternate D. Just do it when nobody`s watching. And don`t give him Water. Could turn into a Gremlin. Or melt.

  4. Feed him after midnight. Got it.