Friday, August 19, 2011

It´s just baffling

I wanted to nerd out here and go on a little rant. Super street fighter 4 has a dozen new chars and three new modes. MvC3 has 9 new characters and one new mode that should´ve already been friggin addet in the original game! I don´t mind a game with little inovation as long as it has a new story or something along the lines of that,I am always ready to play the onehundredth part of Tomb raider just for fanservice but when they make my Lara flatbreasted and my MvC have Hawkeye as the new main event(seriously guys,hawkeye?no one cares!)and just plays its one trumpcard,namely Phoenix Wright,than that´s just fucking cheap,seriously. Next they´ll put nameless Viewtiful joe chars into their games,who wants that?!

P.S.:Philip has informed me that this particular goon of Viewtiful Joe has a rather large fanbase...My point still stands.


  1. Okay, as you`ve [probably] already seen, the Site has changed. Mainly two things: a) The header and b) the counter. The Counter changed because of the same reason the color-pattern changed. Because it looks good. The Counter has changed, because it was way to laggy. Now we`re using the Official one from Blogspot, that includes all the views since the dawn of our Site. Besides, it`s lighter, so the Site may load now faster.

    P.S: I would play as Bianky, since I kinda like him.

  2. All of this happened without my knowing...Well I allow it just this once. Also 10000 views?!This kinda kills the idea of a viewer special....Well sucks to be you guys it was supposed to be supercalifragialisticaly awesome.And you´d play as Antman Philip,he´s just like you really.

  3. Oh, dang, 10k Views, but we can make a 'Over Ninethousaaaaaand!' Joke. And I deactivated the Inglip-Verification, so it`s now easier to COMMENT.

  4. Ashy should be present it the reader's special.

    - Ashy

  5. And Rorschach, since he`s our 2nd best Commenter ;)

  6. Oh yes, we NEED the Bianky Attack Force in MvC3! Their super move would be the Bianky Tornado, where multiple guys unite in ballerina dresses, spin around and form... Well, a tornado.

    And while we're at it, why not add Servbots as well? And a random imp from Okami? Then we could form the Capcom Mook Team and show every hero and villain of both universes that they are not cannon fodder. In fact, THEY MIGHT BE ABLE TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!! I mean... Yeah, a Bianky in MvC3 would definitely not be the worst thing to happen. At least they are not some random Rabbids that snuck into a TMNT game...

    ...which was awesome.