Friday, October 21, 2011

It´s that time of the year again!

Hey guys and gals it´s make your own ending week again! Our annual celebration yeah Louis birthday! Okay the idea of make your own ending week had nothing to do with his birthday BUT STILL I am now pronouncing this day and idea as a celebratory gift for his birthday! So yeah you can make your own ending for this one or you don´t, I think it´s fairly obvious what the punchline is and I must say I am rather proud of it, this very welly portraits what TV teaches the children these days. I´ll shut up now so to not kill the funny!


P.S.: You had it comming Dora, you had it comming.
P.P.S.:The girl in the third panel is our dear friend Paula,Louis girlfriend,so it is infact a gift to both...yes we give him a thorough raping of his gf...or not...your choice!


  1. There, that`s my ending.
    Sorry for that Paula.


  3. I can't draw so my witty ending will just have to stay in my head :P

    - Ashy


    It's no tea party.