Friday, October 28, 2011

Special thanks to Danielle...

...just for being there,cuz the unicorn was drawn by Philip. Anyone remember Danielle? The girl that drew the Guest comics for three weeks when Philip wasnt there? No? No one? Really? Wait you don´t even know who Philip is?! Oh come on!I know I´m awesome but guys Philip really puts a shitload of work into this stuff! Like he draws and stuff and he makes unicorns and he writes comics that make absolutely no sense...okay strike the last part I´ll never let him do that again. Nah but seriously hope you enjoy todays comic and that you don´t notice that it´s just cut together old comicparts...wait I shouldn´t have said that. No Philip DO-

-adios,D and totally not P who just punched D unconcious with a pan.

P.S.:I like the sparkles because I´m totally gay and stuff,like,for realz-
signed by D.


  1. I guess D wanted to serve it with a special rainbow marinade and some fluffy side dishes, right?

  2. Deniz will always be my gay german bombshell :D

    - Ashy

  3. Quote from Urban Dictionary:
    "1.Unicorn Mayonnaise

    What comes out of a unicorn's horn when you polish it. A wonderful low-fat alternative that's great in sandwiches.

    'When I spit-shine Sparkle's horn, he gives me a lot of unicorn mayonnaise, thus saving me a trip to the store.'"

  4. *gets back in the kitchen*