Friday, September 16, 2011

Glory is forever

Since D and P still are in Rome, perhaps visiting some monuments or drinking a pizza right now, it's up to me to upload today's comic, so here we go. Let's start with some links to push them up on google, yahoo and some other ones like this.

Now that I've done that, there's still enough space, to talk about this weeks comic,... well maybe even too much space. However, since it's pretty obvious what Greg has done to history, I'm wondering what Philip did. Is he the reason why Reagen made such jokes, could have been 'little boy' named after him or was this his work? But I guess we won't know until next week, so just enjoy todays comic, comment and like it on myface, spacebook and everywhere else you want.

-Bye, Patrick

P.S.: All mistakes in grammar, style or whatsoever are mental property of their respective owner. Every complaint will be - ahhh, just show some mercy on me.


  1. You got the Google and Yahoo links the wrong way around, so Greg was behind the whole Nixon controversy? Makes sense if you think about it.

    - Ashy

  2. @Ashy: Yeah, I did it intentionally, but I'm glad you noticed it. That means, someone actually followed my Links^^