Friday, March 4, 2011

From my new Laptop!

Heyhooooooo, been a while eh? Well I had a lot to do and so i made Philip post our last comic but now I´m back here with my new laptop and I can finally say that my laptop is not built out of stone. So uh this comic marks the start of a new arc(yay!)and one that has continuity too(gasp).....
Well sort of. Let´s just say we will see Striking Logic again but that he´ll be...different. And so will we.Oh and I´m 18 now awesome ain´t it?

well till next time, adios, D.


  1. I WILL have my revenge!

  2. Pretty sure that spanish was something along the lines of "I have the devil's cock", Deniz is such a liar ><

    - Ashy