Friday, December 30, 2011

A true hero!

At desperate times he comes forth from the shadows seeking to destroy all that is unjust in the world! No wait that´s some character that isn´t completely stupid, what´s the idea behind Striking Logic again? Oh yeah, he comes out to kick people in the face that make no sense. I´m pretty sure that´ll come in handy one day but I´m not exactly certain on the circumstances... Well that said, it´s New Years Eve tomorrow and we´ve planned on a party with lots of booze and bitches and, who am I kidding? We´re gonna play Videogames and feel cool because we´ve stayed up long enough to barely miss the Fireworks since we fell asleep at 23:59. Not so manly a story for me but one of epic proportions for a personality of Philip´s magnitude! I am such a douchebag.


P.S.:Happy New Year to all!When it´s finally New Year that is. Also that story up there was just to make my parents feel at ease, hoes and wine all ze time!Oh and it was partially to insult Philip,BYEEEEEEE!


  1. P.P.S: The truth why Deniz acts like a
    "drug-addict-with-Alzheimer" is describable in one Word: 'Nam!

  2. It obviously takes more than a week to sleigh ride into mordor...

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