Friday, December 16, 2011

I swear I tried

I like to think that I have quite the way with words and thus know when to say what and how, my hands though? Well let´s just say I don´t have my way with them all the time. Thus drawing is a horrible pain to both mind and soul to me and every time I have to draw I simply choose the way of least resistance. Today´s comic is quite the example for that, I know how to decorate a picture,where to put what but making it is beyond me to say the least. Philip has some minor problems to face today, in wooden form, and that put me in charge of drawing things. The thought of actually MAKING something with my hands has been approven to be preposterous though and i simply put together a collage of older comics that conveys the same simple storyline as the planned comic with least work involved for me and least unreadability involved for you.
We will get back to making this comic less of an eyesore soon but since we once so wholly promised to always release on Friday Friday,gotta get down on Friday, this is as much as I can do.


P.S.: There is no joke here which I apologise for but exposition is neccesary sometimes as we all know, if you have any complaints about that tell me and I shall offer a different storyline.

[FIXED] P here, sorry for the late upload, but I took an arrow to the knee. ''I'' as in ''Train'' and ''Arrow'' as in ''Tree''. 3 1/2 Hours too late :/


  1. Well, you`ll probably think that we plan the entire Arc always the last minute, but this time it is planned pretty well. This shall be one of the few 'EXPOSITIONAL' Comics, funnier ones will follow. I swear.

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