Friday, November 18, 2011

We´re BACK

Good old puns are back in ACTION. Yeah we´re here and ready to rock your world! This is the new storyline of our comic with all new timetraveling and missing bodyparts and...okay basically we´re starting to steal our own ideas with parts from timetravelarcs and parts from zombies(get it?). And so we set off to the start of a wonderful new arc which will bring you a few chars that´ll prove to be very interesting! Until then I shall play videogames with my good ol pal Philip.



  1. Oh and Bonus Points for the ones,
    who know why Greg is dissolving :D

  2. If there's no cameo of me I might feel a little miffed >.>

    Nah I'm cool with it :P

    - Ashy

  3. Do I need to feel bad because I think this simple joke is the best one since a while? I hope not...

    Doesn't mean the other ones were bad, though. But this one really made me laugh... Dunno, maybe more of my style. ^^