Sunday, February 10, 2013

We don't notice the truth sometimes

Some people say that if Jesus came back and told us all that we want to know we would just put him into a mental asylum. I always like to go a few steps beyond those kindsa thoughts and I thought: dude have you ever seen some game lists on Steam? Philip has a bilion-zilion games on Steam infact some games that I have gifted him haven't even been installed on his pc yet because he simply doesn't have the time and space for those. Somewhere inbetween the games on Steam I do think there'S this hidden gem that got some downloads during a sale but never got played and is just waiting for us to notice it, somewhere beyond metacritic-scores and hardcore fans there is someone who has played the truth....and he probably only bitched about the graphics because he's a CoD playing little bitch....fuck that guy.


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