Sunday, September 16, 2012


There is a certain part in every gamers heart that pumps blood in a certain rythm, that part is the center of all that is fanboy, and we really truly all have it. There are four things that I myself get worked up over if something says or does something related to it. I fucking hate casual games because playing with friends only works in sports, only playing against them is the true mark of a gamer(has changed over the recent games but partygames usually mean something like well having a party and that's really pushing the social acceptiveness of us gamers!) secondly I LOVE Kingdom Hearts and will defend it to the goddamn death thirdly as someone who started gaming with consoles I will take them over Pc's EVERYday and fourthly and the reason for todays comic is, I am a Sony Fanboy and think that XBOX is the entirely worst console of our generation. I have reasons for that but...oh well I don't feel like explaining as I am a little sick.


P.S.: Ironically Philip is sick too which explains the graphics of todays comic.I kinda like my face here though.

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  1. Yeah I'm not a fan of casual gaming either *high fives for ps3*