Sunday, October 31, 2010

Costume party

Okay this thing is something special, we wanted to honour a guy with it, name´s BrandO. He´s pretty famous on the Internet, definetely check his songs out if you haven´t yet. My personal favourite of his is this Batman song, even though I temporarily forgot the name of it. Yeah I don´t think there´s much else to say except what the costumes are Philips costume , my costume and Louis costume. Check BrandO´s stuff out and uh yeah that should be it.

Happy Halloween and adios,D

P.S: Normally he hits chickens to alligators, but this is the prologue to it. And besides, I`m sure he has more than one Amazing Punch


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  2. Yeah i was asleep when this was posted :P

    yeah that was certainly umm... the least said the better ><