Sunday, July 19, 2015

I don't have a hidden agenda!

There's an alternate version of this comic with two men and a female baby saying mama but they both just cry out in joy.
Let me explain myself here! My parents are friends with a lovely lesbian couple that have just recently gotten a child and they were over for dinner, so I was playing around with their little baby son because the other's wanted to eat and I'm generally really good at calming children, and while I'm carrying him around the house, rocking him slightly so that he doesn't cry, I get this idea of his first word being daddy and of course it spins sliiightly out of control.
Now as I said this isn't some sort of jab at any people out there I just thought this would be funny but with my recent comics basically ALL being horrible horrible things I thought I'd explain myself here, again, this came out of a totally natural situation and wasn't me sitting in a dark dingy room, sharpening my knives planning an attack, I don't do attacks on anyone!


P.S.: I love how the gender of a character is basically defined by their hair.

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