Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Getting lost in a game

In the real world my beard started off with panel 4 and has gotten longer.
Once in a while I will get completely and utterly lost in a game, usually that game is Pokemon and I will spent a metric shitton of time just breeding and IV training Pokemon (I probably talked about this already if not, look it up, it's insane) but recently it's been Terraria. It snuck up on me to be honest, they had another big update full of content so a friend of mine asked me if we wanted to play said update together and at first he was MUCH more hype about the whole thing than me, asking me each and every day when I could get back home and be ready to play but then it took me over, I had to wait for him to get back and I made several single player maps just to farm stuff.
The realisation that I had a problem came yesterday when I made a spreadsheet about fishing, just plain fishing and how to maximize the items I could reel in.
I really want that turtlemount....


P.S.: You just lost the game, yeah I'm bringing that shit back, suck it.

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