Sunday, June 23, 2013

Ramblings about consoles

Nobody stops me from giving out my opinion on burning pitchforks so now I'll spend another blogpost talkng about the console wars, completely disregarding computers! Well...umh...actually I pretty much said everything I meant to say already...some minor things have changed but my opinion on the matter should be clear enough by now I'm not entirely sure why people or one singular person reacted poorly to my ramblings about the topic when E3 wass  pretty much the peak of the entire topic anyways. In other news, I'm happy that I finally got to start a new storyline, really I love making long rows of jokes in rapid succesion and it's easiest for me to write those in a more or less complete sequitur. Oh yeah and I watched Man of Steel with Philip the other day, pretty good movie it's worth the price of admision on the action scenes alone and I really hope they make a sequel.



  1. Did they just kill D's date?

  2. You know, I was wondering that, too. With all the emphasis on P having to draw a girl again - here he did and instantly kills her off.

    In other news: Why do the clothes of the beefeater fit P so perfectly? He's clearly taller than him.

    1. First of: Thats a Royal Guard, not a Beefeater.
      And you might not know this, but I am also a very, very fast Tailor.

  3. This Girl was just supposed to be a sidenote, an oolder character model really, she is not my date.And the thing with Philip and girls was just a joke anyways^^ Also drawing ANY person the size of Philip would be unrealistic, because he's the worlds smallest man.