Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Not too sure where to go with this

On one hand I could comment on the costume Philip chose for Greg to wear in this comic and go into great detail on the topic of people being spyed on by the government but the truth of the matter is, for once I really didn't read into the topic at all and didn't do research on the subject matter because it all just feels so surreal. On the other hand I could just talk about our current storyline and what'S ahead of us but I don't feel like doing that either, I really feel like commenting on the state of the comic that we're currently in because it's a strange tranquil silence that we have reached here. I've been making this comic with Philip for quite some time now and we've gotten positive resonance by the people that we know and love and even some people that we don't know and some people that we don't love ( I'm looking at you...yeah you, you know who you are) but I feel like I could've done more to push this project as well as the feeling I can't shake that the way it is now is perfectly fine because anything beyond the boundaries of people I pretty much know is a scary scary thing indeed. Have you ever made a project that you just did for fun and you were showing it around and people reacted well? Well I have and it's a pretty good feeling, but if people had booed me out while I was on stage singing or if people had fun of most of the creative writing I've done in the past then I'm not sure what I would've done. I'm thinking about all the times where I was sort of an exhibit for the people around me and I've never been reaced poorly towards but I'm very much wondering if the limited amount of people I've been exposing my work to is at fault or if my work is actually fairly decent. Anyways I really just feel like a lazy piece of scum right now and I think I should do a LOT more creative writing than I am currently doing but this'll change now,so, a question to all the people that have read to this point, is anyone who reads this interested in a more serious piece of work that I'm thinking about writing? Maybe even an entire comic with a deeper more serious subject matter and more realistic drawings by Philip, of course not with the same frequency as this comic but here and there some pages of a thing I'm working at currently? Tell me what you think about it if you actually read to that part.


P.S.: I'm also very much interested who actually still reads this comic aside from the few friends and people I know that read it but calling out Lurkers destroys the whole concept behind Lurkers now doesn't it?


  1. Well, since Snowden is still in Russia he's not one of our readers. Why? Because apparently our Comic is banned in Russia. Don`t really know why. Are we THAT capitalistic with our nonprofit comic, Comrades?

    1. P.S: Not a single word on my SteveJobsMemorialTurtleneck? I am displeased.

  2. Of course I'd love to read some of your more serious stuff and to see a more realistic drawing style of Mr. Founderofprettyawesomecomputerswhichmightbeabitexpensivebutsinceiboughtmineusedstopflamingmeforitalready. However, I'm pretty sure I've already told you this a few times, but I love your work guys, thus I'd read pretty much anything you guys create...

  3. Holy text block batman! And of course I'd support you guys if you wanted to do a more serious comic, but you gotta move out of blogspot if you want to do that :s

  4. I'm probably going to be permanently banned from your friendship for saying this (though you might even suspect such a thing from me) but if it is serious work, the topic would be more important for me. But maybe your style of writing would convince me to read about something I am not interested in at all. Guess only trying would show.

    Other than that, whatever the outcome of more serious topics is, I will still support this comic since you can't have enough reasons to laugh at subtle funniness. And yes, that is now a word.

    P.S. Founderofprettyawesomecomputerswhichmightbeabitexpensivebutsinceiboughtmineusedstopflamingmeforitalready <- My god, that was hard to read.