Sunday, April 17, 2016

Hide yo kids hide yo wife HIDE YOSELF

For a renovated house his room looks to be in a shit state.
Few things in existance are scarier than Philip and Louis with a weapon, I remember back in our schooldays sitting next to each other Louis had this terrible habit of taking a pair of scissors and spinning them around the entire period and it always scared the shit out of me.
I don't really have many other things to talk about, i had this interesting parallel to racism in a philosophy class recently where the wrong lesson to take out of things seems correct because it is logical, you know the whole foreigners come into our country and things get shitty thing, terrible logic, they often come into your country BECAUSE things are shitty on a global scale and most of the time it has no effect on you but it seems to because from A follows B but when A is wrong who cares what it's conclusion is? Explaining the parallel in detail would just bore you though so I'll leave it at this.


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  1. There is an empty spot. Why is there an empty spot?
    What did Phil take?
    I think we are doomed... all of us.