Friday, September 17, 2010

Never noticed that poster

Y´know there comes a time in the life of a character from a comic at which he questions the world around him causing all of those little problems that make the fourth wall come crumbling-tumbling down.The layout of our house has never been questioned before and the background has not been the same all the time either.Now is the time to explain all of those problems...MAGIC.Okay i´ve talked enough,enjoy todays comic and be prepared for an epic battle with hordes of zombies and a new character who is a true hero.


P.S. it´s zombie killing aCtion,that typo is all P´s fault as always.


  1. Goddammit!
    I was frozen today!
    Besides, I had a Headache.

    P.S: Besides, Mahogany

  2. hey, paula ist mit drauf...sie sieht aber eher aus wie ecem

  3. Liar, liar, pants on fire, hanging from a telephonewire. You just gotta practise drawing. nah just kidding the drawings are pretty good for this style.

  4. lol wat is ation i don't even

  5. you just happen to have an anti zombie kit lying around?

    where can i get one lol ><