Sunday, October 21, 2012

I should start naming the comics myself

As everyone in the entire universe can tell just by one look at the way I use my walk( I'm a womans man, no time to talk~~~) I am lazy as all hell, and so it happens that every other solar eclipse( those things happen fucking often) Philip misreads something that I should've explained in the first place or names a comic mortal combat that is centered around my favourite fighting game which, as you all might know, is not Mortal Kombat. It isn't fucking Street Fighter either so the ingenious evil bastard Louis got what he wanted once again. I can't help but wonder why I write one of my best friends in the entire world as a witty and charming asshole that pretty much does everything better than my character simply by having no remorse, I even fear that one of these days he's gonna get that milk he asked for in an earlier comic and that will probably lead to complete world domination.
Can you even imagine a world ruled NOT by me? It would be coherent, WHO WANTS THAT?!

-adios, D.

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