Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Strong beliefs attract others

I've never actually had a run-in with a Jehova's witness, probably because I don't wear pants most of the time or like to spend long stretches of time inside of my house not showering and/or shaving.
That line of reasoning might not very much resonate with you, you might be saying: But deniz, how would they know that you are a greasy unwashed hobo without pants prior to knocking on your door? Well I've found out that I have a very interesting way of linking thoughts together, my reasoning here doesn't actually aim at them running into me it is based on the other way around for, you see, I don't often open the door when it rings, who knows, maybe they've been knocking for years and I was just never the one to open?

I've always wished deep inside to run into one of those people so that I could convince them that they are complete idiots and assholes but even deeper inside I want to never meet those people or have a longer conversation with them because instead of being cool, calm and collected I would just be furious at them for not understanding what is clearly the truth behind all systems in the world, the everlasting truth that we will be buried in, that we will experience shortly after death, I would rage and scream and gesture maniacally and the irony in that is that I would be nothing more than my own version of a prophet, maybe even a false one.


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