Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Time in perspective

It's been around 4 years since we started this comic, about half a year more since we came up with the idea for it, around 6-7 years since Philip and I became good friends and ca. 15 years since I first met Philip and it's been 21 years since he was born. Time is a weird thing now isn't it? It feels like I've known Philip for an eternity, like I've been friends wih him for aeons, like there's thousand, nay, millions of ideas we came up with, threw around, dropped and picked up again and yet honestly it feels like the time we've been friends wasn't all that long, there's MUCH I don't really truly know or understand about Philip yet but I'll gladly stay around him for much longer and find out more. This friendship is probably gonna stick till I die and who knows, maybe both of us are gonna go through heaven and hell, fall in love, marry, get kids, grow old individually without the other having anything at all to do with it,move away from each other or end up in the same home for the elderly.
We'll change as people but as a team, we'll probably always be the same awkward duo with such equal tastes yet very differing opinions.

Happy Birthday Philip.

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