Thursday, June 3, 2010

Introducing TEH AWESOME

The last human character to be introduced(for now).The word human might not be the best fitting word though,forged by the hammer of Volcanos himself he is what the ancient Romans would´ve called a God. Next to the word awesome in the dictionary is his picture,his presence to this comic is a true honour for all of us and i am not overacting when i say that he is infact the true main character here(not really).His handsomeness,awesomeness and overall greatness are what make him who he is i am of course talking about Deniz,me.He´s 17 years old and with a manly Height of 1.78 m and his wonderful white eyes his curly grey hair and his grey clothes he is the pure definition of a man. (rl:blue eyes and black not so curly hair) I hear you ask for his weight?Well shut up! 84 kg is fine! So yeah i like myself and from now on i can officially sign my posts with