Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas tiiiime

And yes we´re not doing a gaming religion joke...just yet.This kind of situation could actually occur in our lives, Louis is usually hard to threaten since he´s got this I don´t give a fuck attitude but i have that too to be honest. Me being threatened by vanishing porn is simply prepostorous though Philip did that not me i don´t even know what porn is...(did anyone ever notice the flamboyant posters in my room?).Uh yeah there´s not much else to say here today really so I´m probably just gonna stop in the middle of the sentence to show how much of a f-


P.S.:All of you listen to the Bleach OST 3 i just love the spanish parts in it.


  1. I dont think i quite understand where everyone was running off too o_O

    - Ashy

  2. It's simple. Philip wants everyone to decorate the appartment, house or whatever they live in.

    But, as nobody actually wants to do that, he threatens them by stealing their stuff. Though I don't really get the part about Kitteh.. Is it because the little cat has 9 lives or what?