Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Creative writing or how to procrastinate through actually getting shit done

This is getting to a weird level really, while on the one hand I don't focus on anything in university and procrastinate all the work and learning I should be doing, on the other hand I have exhausted the entirety of the internet(I've seen some shit) and thus write instead of doing work for University which is....good? I guess? It feels really weird to sit there and instead of working work on something that actually takes more thought and work than what I'm actually supposed to do BUT it's pretty good for you guys I hope because I just finished a project that will prooooobably be posted on here too! I've also been working on another project that is probably gonna stay in written form, I'd like to get some input on the writing style but I'm not sure how to post it on Facebook without getting  Tl;dr wall of text just sitting there.



  1. you could just post some excerpts on something like blogspot and post the links on your FB page.....

  2. >not enough thyme
    Just wait till the next time Phil is too busy to draw the comic; revenge will be mine