Friday, January 20, 2012


I´m supposed to implement this song in here

He didn´t exactly say how to implement it so i´m not gonna put it into any context whatsoever.
Something is very very wrong with blogspot today for some odd reason.
Btw all of you go read the devine comedy, it´s awesome and the quote from todays comic is semirelated to the book.


P.S.: next time expect a longer comment,Blogger is just really pissing me of right now and I´m in a little bit of a hurryLink


  1. Was this one hilarious? Was this one pure concentrated unfunny? Tell me readers! We can`t improve when noone criticises >:C
    Punish us! Praise us! Tell us what to do!
    You don`t get the joke? Fine, then we'll make different kind of Jokes. Don`t like the *whatever*? We'll change the *whatever*

  2. Abandon all dirt ye who enter here would have been funnier >.>