Friday, July 6, 2012

I deserve this

I should've expected nothing less than having my mother being insulted when I make Philip write the comic for one week. I've been doing so many your mom jokes recently that it's almost neccesary to have karma kick me in the balls every once in a while. Other news though are that today Philip and me are gonna get our final final final FINAL score sheets from school so I guess schools out forever eh? Now I know that there's some people from my school that read this comic every once in a while and some rare specimen actually do read my posts and to those guys...thanks. For all the years in school that you made so much more interesting through your little quirks idiotic remarks and general being dumber than me. I love you guys, some more or less, have a great life and keep going!
And towards Philip: If you stop working with me I'll tell the cops about your basement...juuust sayin.


P.S.:Just kidding I love Philip too NO HOMO.

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