Friday, July 13, 2012


Are people seriously pumped over the new Spiderman movie? I mean I do realise that Spidey is a fan favourite and don't get me wrong here, I LOVE Spiderman, he's probably one of my favourite superheroes of all time but goddamnit Joseph Gordon levitt, Christian Bale and fucking Tom hardy?! I'm sold man, I don't care if they wrestle naked or make a Batman movie, I have to see it. Please do me a favour and don't ask which of these two things I'd rather watch....


P.S.: I'm gonna watch Spiderman some day but it just doesn't get the same excitement from me as Tom hardy playing the scariest villain from the Batman stories. Yes the scariest, if you read into it Bane is smart AND strong, the old movie doesn't even remotely do him justice.

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