Sunday, January 24, 2016

The devil is our beeeest frieeeend

We made it! It's not even a fucking Holiday either. Wait...that's a bad thing.
So we watched the room recently and it was truly a glorious experience. I am usually not really that entertained by terrible movies, I have a sort of pain threshold for them and if the movie steps over that even a bit I just descent into madness rapidly. The room though had something magical about it, maybe it was the fact that everyone was bad but seemed to try to act while Tommy Wiseau seems to try to act human for most of the movie. Then there's this one character who seems to have a character trait of loving sweets? We weren't quite sure if that was actually a thing, just the actor likeing sweets or if it was just coincidence.

Also, tonight is the Royal Rumble and I'm hype as SHIT have fun crushing all of my hopes WWE!


Middle of the fucking night addendum: You have raised my hopes and crushed them quite expertly WWE, Bravo!

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