Wednesday, January 20, 2016

On the topic of Leonardo DiCaprio winning an Oscar

They're from a different time, can you blame them? Yes you fucking can, give more recognition to good science fiction for crying out loud!
Aaaah the oscar nominations...Isn't it wonderful how Eddie Redmayne managed to get two movies in a row that just scream oscarbait? I mean I like the guy, I don't love him but I like him and the theory of everything was good, his performance was great and he deserves the recognition he got but there's just something about that movie that screamed: give us oscars! Last year we also had the Alan Turing movie with Benedict Cumberbatch that, for me, screamed even louder than Theory of everything but I suppose the physical acting was better in Theory.
My point is this, I know it's a running joke on the internet that DiCaprio has never won an Oscar and maybe he lost to more deserving people but I personally think that some of his movies just aren't oscar "material" not to say that they aren't some of the greatest movies ever conceived (I fucking love Inception to death) but they just aren't the very artsy high drama pictures that the academy likes for all the wrong reasons.
Gilbert Grape was his first performance so they didn't know they were snubbing him, wolf of wallstreet was at it's heart a dark comedy, inception is science fiction, which, boy does the academy fucking loaaaathe science fiction, Titanic was cheesy and aviator went up against a superior biopic so I guess it makes sense that he doesn't have an oscar yet but on the other hand...
go to google right now and check the list of movies Dicaprio was in, I DARE you to name one that wasn't at least passable.


P.S.:While I didn't really hear much buzz about movies with black actors in them this year except for maybe Straight outta compton I do think not having a nomination in two years is slightly suspicious.

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