Wednesday, January 13, 2016

People that totally want to hear your opinion

Oh look Goat simulator is on sale too!(it may or may not be at the time you're reading this)
This happens to me WAY too much, people ask me for my opinion and I detail it, work it out to perfection and then they decide to completely ignore me AND as a final kick to the balls they choose something that I would've never advised them to do or buy.
I have a shitton of steam games and I've actually played most of them to varying degrees so I'd like to think that my opinion on steamgames is respectable and Louis used that during one of his first summersales to great effect, he asked me to give him a daily recap of the things on sale, he considered it and then went ahead and bought some of my suggestions, not all because of the subjectivity of my recommendations but enough for me to know that he actually listened to me.
TL;DR: Don't you hate it when people ask for your opinion just to get more time to realise what their own opinion was all along?


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