Sunday, January 17, 2016

Learn your maths!

Who runS the world? Nerds. Nerds run the world.
In High school I must've been the only guy defending math as something that you will need your entire life, even some of the weird and harder stuff. As I went on to attempt to study math in university I came to the conclusion that math can suck a big one but that was in reference to the things you learn there, my point still stands that the basics of math up to and including percentages and probability are if not essential at least very practical in every day life. Which is why every now and then I like to fuck with people in order to rove my point.
I fuck with people to prove many of my points but there really isn't anything more satisfying than proving your point AND making everyone else look like idiots.


P.S.: I still tipped handsomely here, which you would know if you did the math.

1 comment:

  1. You ALSO made it unneccessarily complicated by giving her, for 10,73 Bucks, a 20 note and then some.
    This is just kinda evil, though I also like math - not the high-level shit mind you, but percentages are pretty neat at times.