Sunday, January 31, 2016

Leave the dumb things to dumb people

i tried to fix my p button that got broken a few weeks back...i broke my o button as well.
There's this natural law that whenever a dumb person does something dumb the universe just accepts it as part of their being and so it doesn't punish them for it but whenever I (a particularly smart individual) do dumb shit it ALWAYS ends up fucking me in the ass. A few years ago on new years eve we celebrated with a few of my friends one of which tried to empty out some fireworks into a baggy and then blowing that up luckily that didn't end up working out for him because he couldn't find a fuse, unluckily enough he also threw fireworks on the ground before me which blew up against the ground and jumped right into my face.
Didn't end up giving me a scar but of course I was the one taking the goddamn hit because why not?


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