Sunday, November 3, 2013

I am the night

I feel like Arkham Asylum was somewhere around midnight and Arkham city was pretty much exactly at midnight, hitting all the right tones with the bossbattles, setting a great mood but maybe slightly underusing Twoface. Arkham Origins is somewhere around 3 am really.
If you hear someone talk about midnight you know shit is gonna go DOWN, every good kids horror story starts or ends at midnight, the time where the ghosts and ghouls come out of their graves to dance and prance around the neighbourhood but I think we should stop to consider that 3 am is even fucking scarier. Think about it, if you are around my age, or rather, if you are anything above or around 16 years old, there's a fair chance that you were awake and maybe/probably even outside at around midnight and it was a pretty nice time, stars in the skies and people partying but 3 am? imagine being at a busstop in the middle of nowhere waiting for your last bus home, yeah, at the end of the day that sounds worse than midnight, doesn't it?
I'm not trying to say that Origins is better than City because frankly it isn't, but when city perfected the formula then Arkham Origins uses every last aspect that City made so good and that deserves an honourable mention.


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