Sunday, November 10, 2013

Phoenix Wright Phoenix Wrong

So there's a new Phoenix Wright game for the 3DS and since I loved every single one of the old lawyering simulators, which are a completely accurate representation of how being a lawyer is like, I had to buy the new one too.
Today's comic puts all my thoughts about it into two simple statements: 1. Capcom DESPERATELY needs to hire proofreaders and 2. it's really annoying when you know what's wrong and which evidence to present but the game wants you to do something else somewhere else.
There's a point in the game where you prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that someone attacked another man to hide evidence about the case that indicts the first person of having commited the crime, in the real world that would be enough proof to get the guy behind bars but in the new Phoenix Wright game you have to prove something entirely different as well instead of just saying: and this proves that he attacked the dude, case closed, you're guilty of that one, we'll check back later for the other thing but now it's time to get donuts.


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  1. everyone keeps talking about it but no stores are selling it here, kinda weird