Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Wrestling masks

I like wrestling masks,what about you? They make for great costumes and can look really cool and the good thing about these two is that since Philip and Louis have ABSOLUTELY no honour to begin with, they don't even care if they lose their masks!
I mean the Punderer and 4th wall breaker, not Philip and Louis,of course.



  1. I don't even like puns T.T
    Also, what kind of wrestling mask doesn't cover the hair? Doesn't matter, I WANT ONE

  2. Thank you for bringing that up, Philip fucked up the characters, you were supposed to be the fourth wall breaker but then he put a hammer on his back to symbolise the breaking because i wasn't 100% clear in the description in my comic. Need to spell everything out these days....-D.

    1. Cheese and Crackers, YOU wrote "(...) 4th Wall Breaker and Punderer (Philip and Louis)" How the hell else am I supposed to know who does what.