Sunday, March 27, 2016

Batman V Superman review or why I like Zack Snyder

The red capes are comming.
So we watched Batman v Superman on friday and we had differing opinions on it just like literally all of the internetz has.

Let's start with the bad things, Jesse Eisenberg is NOT Lex Luthor in this movie and that is both a fact in the movie but it is also glareingly obvious for people watching, his performance has almost nothing in common with the character we know from the comics, yes I know it's supposed to be his son in the movie too but the weird twitchiness was really offputting for Philip, I was okay with it, thought it was fun but ultimately didn't really care about it. What I just said about the character Lex Luthor not being the one from the comics? Yeah that's a common theme throughout this movie, Superman isn't quite Superman, Batman isn't quite Batman but if you ignore that fact I think there's a really decent adaptation here. The main point for why I really enjoyed this movie, Philip was indifferent to it and others may hate it is that I really enjoy Zack Snyders style of filmmaking, if he does it intentionally or not I'll never know but there are a TON of small little nods and details that explain the supposed "plotholes" of this movie, an example for that is A monologue at the end of the movie that hints at the fact that the dreamsequences in the movie might be caused by Darkseid and that Alex Luthor also had these dreams, slowly turning him mad while Batman stayed relatively sane. I've heard ideas about this movie sowing the seeds for an injustice movie which I personally don't disagree with but have an alternate take on, I think that they will do The Return of Superman with the four different Superman imposters(?) and one of THOSE is the evil Superman we saw in the trailers, not an injustice storyline, both possibilities are possible and plausible, mine maybe even less plausible but ultimately I think more good guy superman would be a better idea in future DC movies.


Phil's opinion:

Deniz and I didn't really talk about the movie like we usually do afterwards. Thus I feel like writing a bit about my two cents on Bats v Sups. First of all - Batfleck was probably my favorite part in the whole movie. So much in fact that I've watched Gone Girl because a) I haven't seen it and it's supposedly good and b) it has Ben Affleck in it. But I digress. While I am not jizz-in-my-pants-the-movie-was-so-good-it-made-me-literally-retarded-hyped like I was after Mad Max: Fury Road, I did genuinely enjoy the film. Even more so than Avengers (and probably every Marvel movie of the last few years, excluding Deadpool and Guardians of the Galaxy). So if the Devil would pin me down and make me watch Batman v Superman whilst pounding my sweet, sweet ass for all eternity...I uuhhh... I mean... uuuh... Hell wouldn't be that terrible. And that is coming from someone who doesn't like capeshit movies that much anymore.

Also please notice me Batfleck-senpai!

- Wake me up
- Wake me up inside
- I can't wake up
- Save me, P.

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