Wednesday, October 7, 2015

There are so many better alternatives to Youporn

If you want a pretty vanilla pornsite better than youporn why not use pornhub as an example? They almost had a bigname Dota team for christ' sake!
I don't remember who it was but I was watching a comedy number recently and the comedian on stage started talking about porn so NATURALLY they mentioned watching porn online on youporn. I seriously question everyone's knowledge about the internet who cites youporn as their best example for a pornsite I mean yeah they were the first majorly famous site and yeah they got a big library but they're kind of the myspace of pornsites, everyone knows they exist and used to use it I guess but people nowadays moved on to sites that infringe on their privacy much more effectively and that link WAY nastier stuff.
Looking at you Facebook.
Anyways, the only way of me mentioning youporn in a comedy number is me making fun of people using youporn as a pornsite example, the amount of specified pornsites is ridiculous, why would you buy your milk at the grocery store two streets from your house when your neighbour is a cow and asks for the same sweet price of NOTHING.


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