Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Storytime with grampa

Or just plain old asscancer that'll teach the little shit not to ask for bedtime stories.
I've been reading all these things about being a good person and doing what's good because it always comes back in some way, well, I wanted to say recently but I've heard them all my life and while they have some merit they have what I'd consider a mathematical inconsistency in them that has eluded me for the first part of my life and has made me the hardened terrible shell of a person you see before you today. If 90% of cases of you being nice lead to someone else being nice back, and usually to a lesser degree, then we can presume that 90% of cases where you're an asshole for your own gain lead to others being assholes for their gain. See the problem here? If people call you out on being an asshole then so be it, move on and try somewhere else but if people DON'T return your niceness you get fucked over so even if 90% of cases were ideal then the other 10% make the being an asshole thing MUCH more appealing and to be frank 90% was me being more than just hyperbolic.
All of those inspirational karma quotes are bullshit, don't be nice, PRETEND to be nice, get real good at not actually doing anything but leaving the impression that you did, THAT should be your lifegoal, if you want to be good then be good for goodness sake but fuck the karma thought because that shit is VERY stupid. If you're nice, chances are that's that, you're nice and the world stays a horrible void of monster looking people who's interior is filled with I lost track there...sorry.


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